Original - Natural Unpainted

By Wobbel


Wobbel Boards are great for developing core strength, encouraging balance, flexibility and building strength in little people. 

Kids can do everything with with a Wobble Board: rock gently, sit on it, stand up on it, lie down on it or cuddle up and read on it. It is perfect to use as a bridge or road for Wooden Animals like Holztiger to march over. Put the WaytoPlay Road over the Wobbel as a bridge. Kids love to lie on the Wobbel Board and read stories. Be creative :) 

This Wobbel Original is unvarnished so you can paint and finish it to your liking. Let your creativity run wild and create your own unique Wobbel. 

Painting advise
We recommend choosing ecologic child-friendly water-based varnish for the finish. 
For the attachment of felt or cork it is important to use a good waterbased finish. Felt and cork don't stick to oils and hard wax oils. 

Oils and hardwax oils aren't suitable for toys because they may cause stains in clothing and on floors and furniture.

For the creative expression, which we have had good experiences with acrylic paint (thin layer), Posca paint pens (food safe when dry) and pyrography. Oil, Liquitex paint markers, spray paint and Ecoline (not colorfast) are less suitable. 

Wobbel and KOMODO is not liable for the finishing.

Caring for a child-friendly water-based finish for the safety of your children. 
Some finishes can soak into the wood and damage the Wobbel. Wobbel can not accept any liability and this is not covered by the warranty. If in doubt, contact us.
Wobbel and KOMODO is not responsible for the adhesive bond between the felt or cork and your edited Wobbel.
If you have followed directions well, the felt or cork will stick nicely, but we can not guarantee the connection between your own finish and the felt or cork.

Delivery Time 1-4 weeks

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