Balance Board - 360 - Transparent Lacquer - Pressed Felt Mouse

By Wobbel


Did you know that kids have to first learn to balance before they can move on to more complicated motor skills such as hopping and climbing stairs?

Wobbel Boards are great for developing core strength, encouraging balance, flexibility and building strength in little people. 

Kids can do everything with it:

Rock gently, sit on it, stand up on it, lie down on it or cuddle up and read on it. It is perfect to use as a bridge or road for Wooden Animals like Holztiger to march over. Put the WaytoPlay Road over the Wobbel as a bridge. Kids love to lie on the Wobbel Board and read stories. Be creative :) 

Pressed felt is a recycled material (per 36 about 20 pet bottles) and immensely strong and easily maintained.

The Wobbel360 is available with Mouse (anthracite) and Baby mouse (light grey) pressed felt.
Diameter: 70 cm
Wood type: Certified FSC Beech
Finishes: Transparent lacquer
Weight: 5 kg
Age: 0- 100 years (Weight Limit : 200kg)
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