Crouching Tiger Rain Cape - blue bell - 110/122

By Gosoaky

€34.95 €49.95

CROUCHING TIGER spins and twirls through the droplets falling from the sky. Magic. No time for fuss, this young one is GO GO GO!

CROUCHING TIGER, the easy accessible rain cape for an ultimate day in the rain.

Composition: 50% PES // 50% PU; Coated wind- and waterproof fabric; Column pressure: 3000mm; 100% waterproof; Rain cape; Sealed zippers; Unisex

What to do when this rain cape is dirty or has stains? First try to wipe with a wet cloth and soap. If really necessary, it can be machine washed at 30 degrees, please use a delicate program. It's allergic to softener and bleach. Only dry hanging, do not tumble dry.

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