Give & Get Back Book - Opa erzähl mal

By Elma van Vliet


Elma van Vliet is the creator of the Vertel eens-serie. When she heard her mother was seriously ill in 2001, she realised there were so many questions she still wanted to ask her. That's when she decided to create the book 'Mam, vertel eens'. By making this book she discovered her passion for helping people in making, sharing and keeping precious memories.


With a Vertel Eens-book you're getting someone a unique and personal present. By asking interesting, fun and unexpected questions you'll create a unique and personal book. Give it to your father, mother, grandpa and/or grandma. This person will fill out the book and will give it back to you. With a filled out book you'll get to know your dearest and nearest even better and have a memory for life.

Size: 17 x 24 cm.

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