Sebra - Baby Cot - Yomi Bed - Moon Grey/Beech

By Sebra

€520.00 €580.00

Sebra baby cot, 'Yomi Bed',  moon grey/beech: Customisation is a phenomenon that has recently become popular. Sebra has responded by designing a bed with customisation as the focal point, hence the name Yomi, which is inspired by the words “you” and “mix”.

The result is an elegant baby bed with pure Scandinavian lines that can be combined in different ways by selecting the desired style of bed base and top bars.

Yomi is equipped with a height-adjustable base, making it easy to adjust the sleeping height. This is very convenient when children are still infants. When they learn to sit on their own, the base is lowered to prevent them from falling out over the bedside.

The bedsides can be removed when the child is old enough to crawl out of the bed on its own. Until about 3 years the bed can be used as toddler bed. And if this is not enough this feature turns the bed also into a small settee, which provides lots of joy during many years to come.

The moon grey and earth brown Yomi bed base can thus be combined with the Yomi top bars in a matte lacquered beech wood or in white, depending on what kind of combination is desired.

Measurements: 124 x 70 x 80 cm (l x w x h)

Mattress Size: 60 x 120 cm; check out the Sebra Yomi Bed Mattress here!

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