Welcome to KOMODO no KUNI.

A place where parents and their kids need to search no longer. It’s here where the story begins, from your home to the world. KOMODO is much more than a store. It’s a world in itself. It’s Komodo no Kuni, our own Country ("kuni" Japanese for "country"). There is no need to waste time looking for smart ideas to decorate your kids room. Or for safe and environmental toys, which your kids can enjoy while learning a few things. It’s also about having fun. So, parties and gifts are our best friends. Thinking about going outdoors or traveling with your kids? Search no longer, you will find all here.

This is a place that is designed to fit, not to divide. To smarten up, rather than just accept the status quo. Beyond the family, as we are a community. To care about our environment and our neighbourhood. To dream, not to just be. Whilst we blur boarders and limits, combine cultures and think different.

Enjoy a beautiful design, have fun and learn while playing with a green toy or travel together. It’s the little things that matter.

Our Mission

To educate kids through play.

To inspire the belief that everything is possible.

To make a difference.

Our Vision

At KOMODO, we believe in education and its power to transform our children into the independent, creative and forward thinking leaders of tomorrow. We believe in experience learning and self discovery. We believe in a simple, smart, sustainable and design driven world. Our mission is to inspire the feeling that everything is possible.

Our platform guides parents and their children throughout their world discovery voyage. 

Our SMART philosophy: we believe in education through experience learning and self discovery.

KOMODO no KUNI. A smart world in one place.

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