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It's nice to meet you too


It's nice to meet you too

We are in business for about nine months now. We can say our baby is ready to go out into the world. In these 9 months, we learned a lot. Made some mistakes as any entrepreneur would, but most of all we grew. We developed. Every month. Without lacking any modesty, we are proud of ourselves.

And as time is the best teacher of all, we decided it's about time to introduce ourselves. We are two hard working young women entrepreneurs with a lot of energy. And with an agenda. Better said, we kind of know where we are going. Or at least we hope so.

So, without any further ado: this is us! And here are some of our thoughts. 

Meet Martha


Martha: “I had the chance to travel very early in my life. By doing so the world open up to me in ways I couldn't have imaged. Our world is so divers. We are lucky to have this wonderful mixture of cultures, languages and ways of seeing the world. Nonetheless, everywhere I went I could see an overwhelming consumption. And how it's impacting everyday lives. This is where our platform comes up: sustainable kids brands lasting for generations. No need for functions and buttons, plain old human imagination is capable of much more." 

 Meet Veronica

Veronica: “I like exploring and having a challenge. Communications, tech and startups have been my focus for years. And, moreover, children. As I have two boys of my own. Their energy and creativity is an everyday inspiration. I was always aware of the importance of education and the quality of our everyday life, being a mom gave a new twist to it. The way we develop, learn and explore every day is crucial to the adults we become. As it's the air we breathe and the food we eat. As an entrepreneur, a woman and a mom, I needed to take action. Play an active role in our little ones’ future development, seemed like a good starting point." 

A big thank you goes to Guillaume Fresneau for these wonderful illustrations*.

Stay tuned for much more. Big news is on the horizon for our kids independent brands platform. You will love it for sure :) And, as always, we are looking forward to your feedback. Do let us know what you think, right here in the comments section or on our Facebook,  Instagram and Pinterest pages.

 *Copyright @Komodo and @Guillaume Fresneau 2018

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