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Quick guide: How to decorate your baby or toddler room with Sebra


Quick guide: How to decorate your baby or toddler room with Sebra

Introducing Sebra

Today we are very happy and proud. It's a big day! We are ready to launch the second brand in our New Collection of Furniture and Kids Interior Designs: Sebra. After Snurk, before the summer holidays. During the next weeks we will showcase several other unique, design driven brands. So, stay tuned!

We are continuing this new journey with Sebra. A brand which needs no introduction. We cannot stop ourselves from mentioning something of high importantce. Sebra is the brand which acquired in 2017 the copyrights for the Danish design icon Juno bed. It is amazing to see the evolution of the bed designed by the Danish architect Viggo Einfeldt in 1942/43. He designed the bed based on the idea it should be able to grow with the child and be safe in the same.

So, with no further ado we give the Sebra bed, the most important piece for your baby and/or toddler room.

Sebra Baby Bed
The original design has been updated to meet the current requirements, the European safety standard DS/EN 716 for children beds. So, the bed is now proportionally larger in relation to the original design. And that is not all. The Sebra Baby & Jr. Bed - can be used from birth and will grow with your child. The various options make it possible to find new possibilities for use. As Viggo Einfeldt envisioned.
Here are some examples:
You can also consider the other Sebra bed, the Yomi. It's also an evolutive Baby and Junior bed. Here it is in its all beauty:
So, now that the bed is done, what's next?! A baby bumper or a canopy?! We recommend to mix and match colors. Have fun and enjoy yourself while decorating!
Now how about a dresser?! Better said, a changing unit and later on a dresser. Such a simple and great idea, don't you think?!
And we do not stop here. Do have a look at the storage units. They will look great in your kids room. To finish up you might also add a rug and a lamp. Sebra offer several colors, shapes and sizes.

Sebra products are all about simplicity. A core value we appreciate and believe is key for kids’ development. The majority of collections are made from authentic materials such as wood, wool and organic cotton. And all styles are designed in Denmark.

All the Sebra products can be mixed with so many other brands such as Lorena Canals, Olli Ella, Plan Toys or Wobbel. It's your choice.

What are your thoughts? Do let us know what you think, right here in the comments section or on our Facebook,  Instagram and Pinterest pages. And if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Enjoy! 

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