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Happy Anniversary to us


Happy Anniversary to us

We cannot believe it!! We are already one year old. And such an amazing year it has been. As for any business it's been a lot of work and emotions. We are very emotional when it comes to our business. And to our way of seeing the world through KOMODO lenses. And the experience we want to offer via our independent kids' brands. Simple, design driven, conscious of the environment and lasting for years. For your kids or your friends and family ones.

We are confident this year will be much better. Why is that?! For several reasons. The first reason is that we are getting bigger and smarter. How is that already possible?! As of today, we are introducing a new category: Kids Interior Design and Furniture. In the months to come, we will add to our portfolio several brands. They are all carefully selected, matching your needs and expectations. European design and production. Beautiful and long-lasting materials. As your home needs to reflect your love and respect you have for your family and the world. So, world here we come! :)

Thus, from now on a complete experience is waiting for you. Like what you see?! Click on the items and they all can be yours. No more hours and hours spent to make sure the rug fits the bed, the bed first the closet, the poster the room and on and on. 

And as every birthday needs a celebration, do stay toon! We have prepared several surprises. Follow our Instagram and Facebook for Live Chats, Giveaways, Competitions and check out our website for the first new brand on board. We are also introducing our "Komodo 10 Questions" interviews with the founders and the designers who created the wonderful products we have on board. Stay tuned for the first of the series which will be published tomorrow.

Moreover, expect us to be much better every day! We are improving constantly: better website, new brand on board, fine tuned customer experience. As we are in this for the long run. We assure you! :)

Do let us know what you think, right here in the comments section or on our Facebook,  Instagram and Pinterest pages. And if you have suggestions of great products you think we should add to our selection, we would love to hear from you. Enjoy!

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